4th Meeting (May 14, 2016)

The 4th meeting of the Delaware Valley Muslim Leadership Forum took place on Saturday, May 14, at the Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova, PA.

Muslim religious and communal leaders and scholars met again to discuss issues of vital concern to the American Muslim community, and to work towards the goal of a stronger and more unified ummah. In particular, these Muslim Leadership Forum meetings provide a unique setting in which both the urban and immigrant Muslim leadership can share similarities and differences, and plan projects of common concern.

The Forum’s speakers and topics included:

  • Osama Al-Qasem on “The Importance of the Delaware Valley Muslim Leadership Forum”
  • Zehra Wamiq on “Women in Sacred Spaces – Symposium Recommendations” (Download PDF)
  • Dr. Sarwat Iqbal on “Overcoming Stereotypes” (Download PDF)
  • Dr. Mustafa Hussein on “Health and Social Services Clinic Update” (Download PDF)
  • Michael Rashid “Observance of Two Eids in Philadelphia Update” (View Five Year Calendar of Eid Dates PDF)
  • Hamza Sheikh on “FeedPhilly Strategy/Vision” (Download PDF / See Volunteer Opportunities)
  • Dana Mohamed on “Domestic Violence – Breaking the Silence” (Download Slideshow)
  • Jacob Bender on “Plans for the Democratic Convention”
  • Abdul Rahim Muhammad on “Islamic Heritage Festival”
  • Qamar Ahmad on “Interfaith Dialogue/Islamophobia/Muslim Cemetery/40th ISD Anniversary” (Download PDF)