3rd Meeting (Oct 31, 2015)

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On October 31, 2015, we held our 3rd Greater Delaware Valley Leadership Meeting at the beautiful Al-Hidaya/Muslim American Society mosque.  In attendance were imams, board members, executive committee members of mosques and Muslim organizations, as well as business owners in the Greater Delaware Valley.

The following topics were presented at this meeting:

  1. Recognition of Eid Holidays in the City of Philadelphia 
    Our goal is for the government and schools to close on these two dates. Review the Eid Factsheet PDF for additional information and how our community can actively get involved and make it happen. We ask that you inform your community and solicit their involvement by following the steps noted in the document.
  2. Muslim Capitol Day in Harrisburg
    Over 60 Muslims within our community visited our capital city to publicly exercise their right to fully participate in the American political process. We visited several state representatives and discussed with them issues of concern to us. We plan to make this an annual event. See the recent blog post on our website which highlights our trip to Harrisburg.
  3. Gender Equality: Equal Representation of American Muslim Women
    The empowerment of American Muslim women in sacred spaces by reviving the prophet’s forgotten sunnah. Download a PowerPoint presentation (PDF) which highlights the challenges Muslim women face within our community and what is being planned to address them.
  4. Setting up a Healthcare and Social Services Center
    Establishing a community healthcare center that will encompass a healthcare clinic and a social services center for the under-insured. This is a project in-progress. Download a PowerPoint presentation (PDF) outlining its objectives and our current status in its execution.
  5. Islamic Relief & Amana Foundation Day of Dignity
    Currently this is held annually. Discussions are ongoing to be held twice a year to provide food, basic supplies, and healthcare screening to the underprivileged in the city of Philadelphia. Watch a YouTube video about the Day of Dignity.
  6. IQRA Institute/whyIslam Da’wah and New Muslim Initiatives
    IQRA Institute/whyIslam are excited to offer new Muslim mentorship programs for Philadelphia area new Muslims, as well as offer 13-week Step-by-Step new Muslim courses that run every fall and spring in Philadelphia.  Additionally, a “Street Dawah Philly” team was formed and has 2 booth locations (monthly) where Islamic literature and copies of the Quran are distributed free to Non-Muslims, educating them about Islam.
  7. Creation of the Philadelphia Muslim Health & Social Services Alliance
    A call for organizations to join the Philadelphia Muslim Health and Social Services Alliance to serve the needs of the Muslim community in the Philadelphia and Greater Delaware Valley Area.  Download the Muslim Wellness Foundation PDF for additional information and how to join.

The following is a list of services offered to the community. We ask that you take advantage of them by holding them at your masjid or organization:

  1. Mobile Health Screening Clinic and FeedPhilly Programs
    Al-Shifaa clinic (download PDF brochure) will provide health screening at your local masjid for the underprivileged within your community. FeedPhilly would start a community soup kitchen at your Masjid on a monthly basis and help your masjid youth groups and adults volunteer to help feed the less fortunate throughout the city.  To make a reservation in Philadelphia, email Brother Hamza Sheikh; for suburbs, email Dr. Umar Farooq.
  2. Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST)
    MIST is a fun, educational, interactive program full of competition and workshops geared towards promoting a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslims. View the MIST flyer for further information on how to get involved.
  3. CAIR Workshops:
    • Student Anti-Bullying Workshop
      CAIR offers an anti-bullying workshop for students and or their parents who are interested in learning about anti-bullying techniques and the rights of students. (Download sample STUDENT flyer PDF or Download sample ADULT flyer PDF)
    • Know Your Rights Workshop
      This workshop covers the basic legal rights available to American Muslims. (Download sample flyer PDF)
    • FBI Entrapment Workshop
      To educate the community on the methods and dangers of entrapment and provide the tools needed to prevent the entrapment of its congregation to become terrorists in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (Download sample flyer PDF)

To schedule any of these workshops please contact the CAIR office at info@philadelphia.cair.com or 267-515-6710.

  • CAIR Events
    • Student Poetry Competition
      Get your students involved in a competition. Rules, details and how to enter are noted in the announcement PDF. The winners will be publicly recognized at our March 12th banquet. Deadline for the competition is December 31st.  Please get your students to enter this exciting competition.
    • CAIR’s 10th Anniversary Banquet – Save the Date: March 12th, 2016
      We ask the leadership and community members not to hold events on March 12th, 2016 to avoid a date conflict with our banquet.  This will be our 10th anniversary and we are asking the community to attend and celebrate our achievements with us. Details will be provided soon!